Monday, June 28, 2010


So last night I wrote a poem of love, however it was taken way too far and now I am pretty much hated by the girl. But that is all she is a girl still growing and still learning a lot about the world. So I am not mad at her for what she said to me. I'm not mad at her for any reason. It wasn't her fault, I let my emotions get carried away with someone not capable of reciprocating the feelings. So a poem not of anger but of understanding and submission.

I was mistaken once again
I know I was out of place
I didn't mean to push you
I didn't mean to hurt you
My feelings were genuine
I truly do love you
I'll drop this topic
I'll give up my chase
I ask your forgiveness
But I won't ask to hear it
I'm walking away
Head held high
Steps firmly taken
Knowing I was wrong
But knowing you were too
We'll walk away winners
But we'll walk away losers
Nobody wins
When no one plays fair
So I'll say goodnight
With a kiss and a wave
And hope someday to meet you again