Sunday, October 3, 2010


Seasons are like life
Each one represents a stage
Spring a new born child
Budding and blooming
Children growing and learning
Summer the mid ages
Warm and relaxing
Young kids to adults happy where they are
Fall a passing
Quick changes and death of summer
Aging and passing away
Winter bleakness and uncertainty
White and muffled
Death a mystery and unknown ends
Seasons come and go
Just as people do
So enjoy each season
As though your last
Fall is just around the corner


The chilly air
Sharp and crisp
Blowing around us
Do you hear the leaves
Crunching beneath our feet
Rustling as they are blown about
Autumn is here
Time of change
Time of beauty
Colors are vivid before the dull
Smells are enhance before the nothingness
The night sky slowly becoming clearer
Fall has arrived
And the Season of passing is upon us
Goodbye sweet Summer
Hello pungent Fall