Sunday, October 10, 2010


In differences we came
In unity we leave
But in between
Something happened
Between everyone of us
Love grew stronger
Prayers longer
Worship louder
Spirituality deeper
Everlasting bonds created
So we leave in unity
Loving one another
A family forever


Lord that my hands
Do Your work
Glorifying You
In all I that I do
Not just lifting them up
In times of praise
But in doing Your will
In every day deeds
May my works reflect
Your Spirit within me


May my mind
Be ever searching
Yearning to learn more
Willing to fight the struggles
Striving to gain knowledge
Being faithful in my studies
So I may learn
All that I can
And be faithful to You


To love is to show
Affection from within
True love is dying for another
Even if they may be
A neighbor or enemy
Giving a life to save another
Selfishness pushed aside
This is what Jesus did
He died on the cross
So our lives may continue

The Right Path

Along the journey we take
Our roads cross many paths
Often we make decisions
Based on what is easiest
Not always what is right
We try and fool ourselves
Saying its not that bad
We'll make up for it tomorrow
But all it does is make it worse
We keep getting further away
The only way back
Is through giving up our lives
To the one who knows our ways
To Christ our King
He'll take your hand
And guide you back
Planting your feet
Firmly on the right path once more

Guiding Light

Lord Your feast is plentiful
Better that a thousand of ours
Father Your water is fulfilling
Taking away all thirst
Father let me drink Your water
Let me eat of Your bread
Fill me life with You
Let only You shine through
Be my guiding light