Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Make A Wish

So I'm writing this one rather early. It''s because I've been working on it since I laid my head down last night. Its a poem of a memory, but also a poem of a longing. I have long been in love with the girl that I wrote this for, though things don't really want to work out for us. I will always love her and she knows it. Some times I wish I could go back to the nights when we were together and take her in my arms and show her how I really felt. However there's no reasons for regrets and there's no reason to wallow on the past. What is done is done, I cannot change it. Whatever the good Lord wills for me and for her is in His hands. If we come together again, than praise God, if we go our separate ways than praise God. So here it is a poem on wishing.

Make a wish
The stars are out tonight
Do you see that
They look like a candle
Quick make a wish
Before it fades away
Don't tell me what you wished
Just hold me tight
Promise you'll love me
From this night on
I couldn't live another night
Being apart from you
I love you too much
My heart could not bear
If you told me you didn't
Show me a smile
One brighter than the stars
Let me know that you love me
Can't we stay in this moment
When all seems perfect
Your warmth close to me
Your kisses sweet as honey
So make a wish
A wish so real
It just has to come true
A wish for me and you
That our love would grow
No matter what happens
We'd always make it through
Make a wish
For the happiness you've been finding
That it would last the span of time
Here in my arms is where you belong
So quick make a wish
The night is almost gone
So make a wish
That my wish would come true