Monday, October 25, 2010

I Am Not Alone

I am not alone
Fighting with this sorrow
Battling this depression
I am not alone
Wanting to give up
Letting life go
I am not alone
Every day I wake up
Wishing that I hadn't
I am not alone
In a room full of players
Each with their own mask
I am not alone
Everyone plays a part
In a world full of torture
I am not alone
So today I'll lift my head
Walk with a purpose
I am not alone
I will open up more
Share my life with others
I am not alone

Let's Be Friends

When I first saw you
I didn't look twice
You were pretty
But I wasn't drawn to you
Then I saw you again
And I began to want
To know you more
I began to want to know who you were
This beautiful woman in front of me
I wanted to know if you wanted to know me
I wanted to know if you'd be my friend
Who are you mysterious woman
Who wants to know me
Who tells me she cares
Who wants to talk to me
Tell me who you are
And I'll tell you who I think I am
I can't promise much
But I can promise to be honest
All I ask is the same from you
So let's be open
Let's be friends


I've got a secret
I need to tell you
Something I've been concealing
I'm afraid to tell you though
I'm afraid you'll run away
Tell me I'm not right
I'm afraid you'll judge me too quickly
Can't you see I just need a friend
Won't you be my friend
Won't you hear my story
Please don't go
I need you here to help
I can't hold this secret any more
Please just listen
That's all I can ask