Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lord Help Me

NO idea on what to write tonight, I'm super hot, my bed is broken, and I have no thinking process. All I know is no matter what choice I make regarding my bed it's gonna suck.

In this hot and humid world
All I got is You
It's You and me Lord
That's all I can ask
Father bless me tonight
Teach me patience
In the heat of the night
Show me the ways of serenity
I haven't ask for much
I just ask for peace
Show my how to care
For my enemy and the helpless
I need some wisdom now
But I don't know what is wise
Lord open my eyes
To a whole new world
Let the chaos flee
I want to see
Peace, love and happiness
All around me
I want to breathe
The freshness of new life
I want to start
Living for you tonight