Friday, July 30, 2010


So tonight I'm back to throwing whatever happens to come to mind down as a poem. Yesterday I did a lot of listening to Owl City and feeling lonely without a special someone to call my own. Today I saw the final steps of my car come together and hopefully in the morning I will get to see it get inspected and passed. This would mean I am finally going to be ready to be free. So tonight I think I'm going to write about freedom.

Daddy look at me
My car is packed
The road is calling
I'm finally ready daddy
Ready to be free
When I get behind that wheel
You'll see a new me
Freedom is calling
Can't you hear it daddy
I'm ready to be gone
Ready to be free
Daddy I love you
Don't you cry
I'm finally the man
You hoped I be
I'm finally free
I'm driving away now daddy
One last honk and wave
I'm ready to leave
Ready for freedom
Don't worry I'll call
I'll be on my own
But I know I'll be ok
Daddy I love you
Daddy I'm free