Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Short but Sweet

so I've got to get up super early tomorrow (well super early to my standards) 6:30 am, so tonight I'm just going to have a short but sweet blog.

I am here tonight
Lost and broken
Lord hear my prayers
Lord don't forsake me
Help me through the quicksand
It's pulling me harder
I don't want to struggle
But I don't want to give in
Lord grab me and lift me high
Far above the destructive soil
Teach me Your word
Show me Your love
Let me not compromise
For anything less than You
Lord keep me safe tonight
Lord remember me as I sleep

On Being Humble

So today has been a huge spiritual opening eyes kind of day. I've learned that part of ministry work is truly about going out to peoples homes and actually visiting them, and praying for them and just making sure you are doing what you can to help them along in their spiritual journey. Then after deciding on buying a sub instead of cooking stuff that we already had at home we were driving back home to eat and we passed a homeless guy pushing his bike along the highway. so we turned around found out if he had eaten yet today or not and then proceeded to give him the sub we had just bought. Then I went to a church planting meeting with Bryan and heard a few different pastors speak on a part of Acts that they were given, and almost every message brought up the truth that everyone God chose had to be humbled and meek before he used them and it really got to me so tonight I am going to write about being humble.

Do not be boastful
When you are on a pedestal
Know that the Lord is watching
Do not be prideful
Around those who are crushed
The Lord will not use you
Tear yourself down
Humble yourself
Loose yourself til you have nothing left
Give and give generously
Humble yourself before the Lord
Make yourself a servant unto others
Be meek and timid
Humble yourself
And the Lord shall call upon you