Saturday, July 10, 2010


So when you think of the word beautiful what comes to mind? A person, A scene, an object, an animal? What about God does he come to mind, what about yourself? You know I was listening to a few songs that have the word beautiful in them, and it struck me that in God's eyes we are beautiful, and God is beauty. God created beauty, God created us. So why do we often forget about the beauty that is instilled in us from God? Tonight I want to express what beauty means to me.

Evil is surrounding me
Why do I see all the ugliness
Father touch my spirit again
Let me see the beauty
I know there is beauty
You created a beautiful world
Destroyed by the fall
Saved by grace
One day that beauty will shine again
Father I am down on my knees
Reach out and make me clean
I want to see the beauty
That which is hidden in me
Father You are beautiful
In your eyes so am I
Only through Your perfect son
The world is beautiful again
Thank you Father
Creator of all things
For the beauty I see
Is the beauty you see
And I am beautiful too