Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tree Dreams

So I'm writing this kinda early for my blog, but that's because I was chilling in my favorite tree listening to my favorite country artist and thinking about some stuff. Earlier while I was mowing grass I was thinking I got my headphones in, my sunglasses on, and the world turned off and I realized that's such a great way to think about life. Not really worrying about all the details of every day, just taking it day by day. Music has been my favorite way of expressing myself, no matter how I feel I know somewhere in my collection is a song or artist that hits the spot and I sing along loudly out by myself. So while I was in my tree I realized that's the place I go to really mellow out. That tree has meant a lot to me over the years. I was contemplated suicide from that tree, it taught me a lesson of its own and I've never thought about suicide after that day. I've gone to that tree to get so much of my life straightened out, its been my future planner tree, my regret leaving tree, and most of all its been my giver tree. So here is the poem that came about on that tree today.

I'm in my secret tree again
Dreaming of tomorrow
Forgetting about today
Singing along to the music
About life coming from my headphones
Knowing music expresses what I can't
I wouldn't want it any other way
Just today I learned new things
I can't wait til tomorrow
When new dreams are revealed
And old regrets let go
Life is full of surprises
Especially in this old tree