Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Father Please (a song)

Sitting here in my room
I'm crying miserably
I can't find you tonight
I'm so cold and alone
Where are you when I'm torn
I need you tonight

Father please
Come back to me tonight
Let me feel your warm embrace
I'm crying out to you

I see you every day
Walking with your head down
You're scared to show who you are
I watch you read your book
Curled up by yourself
Your crying inside

Father please
Come back to her tonight
Let her feel your warm embrace
She's crying out to you

Don't try to run away
Let Him come to you
With all of your pain
All of your tears
He knows them all already
So bring your tears to Him

Father please
Come back to us tonight
Let us feel your warm embrace
We're crying out to you

We're crying out
We're crying out

Father please
Come back to us tonight
Let us feel your warm embrace
We're crying out to you

Monster Inside

I want to make a fist
Throw it forward blindly
Taking out whatever
Would happen to cross my path
I can't contain my fury
It's building up inside
Bubbling and boiling
Past the level of control
Into a level of destruction
Breaking down all my walls
Torturing the peace in me
Shoving it away
It become superior
to all I hold inside
It rampages throughout
Trying to escape
Like a monster trapped in a cage
Ripping at the bars
Tearing at the floor
He'll find away
To wreak his havoc
And rest again
Until he's ready
For another storm

Afraid of the Pain

There's got to be a reason
For you and me
To be here today
I was bitter and spiteful
Yet you stayed by my side
You forgave me for my anger
You understood my need for frustration
I can't understand
Why when I'm hurting inside
And I lash out at you
You're willing to let it slide
Telling me its alright
We all need to break down and cry
Sometimes its brings out
Who we really are
You know that somehow
And still you care
Don't let me fall
I'm afraid of the pain
I don't want to hurt any more
I just want to be whole again
Please keep me from the pain