Saturday, August 7, 2010

On Getting Older

My car is fixed and I could take off if I wished, but I've got stuff here yet. Some times I think it'd be easier for me to take off and begin my life out there at school in a new place. Other times I feel I'm not really ready to make a life of my own. I mean, it won't really be like I can't drive home when I feel lonely or when I miss my gram too much. I mean my sister moved to Alaska when she got married, that was really hard on her because she couldn't just come back when she wanted. She adjusted well after a few years I know it was rougher once pappy passed away. I had hoped he'd be around for my first year of college but God had other plans. Now its about time, I truthfully took responsibility of what I want in life. No more playing games and saying oops when I screw up. Its time to get my head straight and start living like a man.

I've come so far
You've helped me grow
It's time to go
I've got to make it
I've got to be my own person now
You've taught me well
I'll take the lessons
I'll remember them well
Its time for me
To be who I want to be
Its time for me
Too make a name for myself
You can't take care of me any more
I had hoped you'd be there for the start
But I made it through
I have a few new scars
But I know my mistakes
You'd be proud of me now
I'm going to be alright
Life is just beginning
I'm taking on responsibilities
Just like you said I would
I'm growing up
To be the man you hoped I be
I am going to be fine
I'm my own person now

On Becoming Patient

So, today I got the chance to go fishing again. I went by myself. I decided, it would be a chance to get away from the hubub of life and have a bit of time with God. Unfortunately I have this really bad habit of carrying on conversations with random voices in my head, so it wasn't really the time with God that I had hoped. Plus I just have no patience so I'm not the greatest of fisherman. But I did have some thinking time and I did think about being fisher of men and not just a fisherman. Peter was a fisherman and Jesus called him from his fishing life to become fisher of men. So I thought, well maybe the trick lies in being a real fisherman, but without patience its not always easy. So a poem of patience.

Patience my child
Do you not know
Not everything comes quickly
My children have been waiting
nearly two thousand years
For the return of my kingdom
You can't even wait two hours
For a fish to bite
Patience my child
Will lead you to wisdom
Patience will lead you to me
Patience is a virtue
With Patience comes calmness
With patience comes new horizons
Love becomes stronger
Life becomes easier
You and I become closer
Patience my child
That is all that you need
Wait and pray
Be vigilant tonight
Learn of patience
Patience my love
I will come back
You just have to learn patience