Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Run Away

Tonight I think I'm going to write about running away. When your problems finally get to a point where you want nothing more then to run away from everything. Find a place to escape from reality. Some times its alright to run. Some times running actually leads us to something better. We are called to run away from that which tempts us to sin. We are called to not conform to this world but run from its sinful ways. So some times running is good. A poem of running

No where to turn
I begin to run
Quickly to something new
I can't deal with the pain
I need to escape
I need to get away
Before I get defeated
It's time to run
I need a new direction
Show me another path
I can't stay any longer
I need to get away
You don't know my problems
Don't beg me to stay
I want to run
In the opposite direction
Don't try and hold me back
I can't bear the weight
I have to run away
Can't you see my pain
Can't you understand my hurt
I must run away
To a new beginning
Run away
To a new life
Where pain and anguish
Have no control
I must run away

To My Mother

So tonight I was texting with my mother for a while, and the significance of this is the fact that I was actually talking to her. My mother and I never talk. I just refused for years to talk to her because she had basically abandoned my sister and I when we were younger. So I hadn't seen her for around eight years and suddenly she wanted to be back in our lives. Well With everything my family had said about her I had wanted nothing to do with her. She may have given birth to me but she wasn't my mom. But more recently I have forgiven her in my heart and I have met with her a couple times over the last two years. Now I am beginning to text her and actually take time to talk to her and I feel like a part of me is saying just give her a chance show her the love of Christ. So tonight my poem is about her.

Where were you mom
Throughout my childhood
Not a picture of us to be found
You made some poor decisions
I love you still
You quit seeing me
I quit caring
Mom where were you
When I road my first bike
When I first learned to drive
When I out on that cap and gown
Mom I know you wanted to be there
Mom you waited too long
There's not much for you to be in my life
You missed all the important things
Mom I still love you
Can't we turned back the time
Show you the reruns of my life
Mom you missed so much
Mom don't cry
I'm still your son
I'm the baby
But I'm all grown up now
And you missed it all
I still love you mom