Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Talk With My Heart

Every time I turn around
Deep inside my heart it yearns
I say to it over and over
"Not today heart 
She won't be here"
She's just a dream you see
One I can't let go of
I though I once met her
But it was only a mirage
My heart weeps often
It only needs to know
What love is 
And if it'll ever show
All I know
Is she's not been seen
By anyone I ask
Have you seen this girl
She's the woman of my dreams
I am waiting for the rhythm of her heart
To harmonize with mine
You see 
I've never seen her face
But I know the sound of her heart
My heart will one day leap
And that's when I'll know
The girl of my dreams
Will become the woman of my world