Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jesus in Me

Today has been a long day. Its given me a lot of time to think. Sadly however I did no such thing. I did do a lot of work and really spend time in worship most of the day because I listened to Hillsong United most of the day. So I've had time to worship, and I also had time to talk to God. I mainly just kept praying my car would continue to run well and thanked Him for another glorious day. Every day is a new day to make people see who you are. And every day is a chance to say hey look at me I have the Holy Spirit burning within me. Some times though it seems as if no one notices. Other times you wonder if you are doing enough to make it show. Like today for instance I worked all day without a grumble, and I didn't bother anybody the whole time, in fact they kept coming out to check on me. I politely thanked them when they offered a drink or whatever weather I excepted or not. But I don't know that they could see Jesus in me, but I tried to be a representative of Jesus. So today I even tried hard to keep my patience while driving home even though all I thought about was getting back getting a shower and finding food. I was just plain worn out and I didn't have a lot of patience with anybody driving around me. So I tried really hard to be in good spirits about it, and I think for the most part I was. Up until I saw the train in Brownsville and I was dead set on beating it into West Brownsville where I had to cross the tracks to get to my place. Luckily I did, and I was relieved. So tonight I've really rambled on but its ok because lately my blogs have been kind of short and my poems kind of alright, and tonight I'm still debating on a topic to write on even as I continue to enlongate this blog. So here we go.

Do people see you
When they look at me
Do I represent
You in all I do
Or do I do things for me
Am I walking the path You chose for me
Or am I making my own decisions
God protect me
Keep me blessed
In Your mercy
Let people see
Your Holy Spirit
Dwelling inside me
I want to be Your light
In this dark gruesome word
Do they see You in me?