Thursday, July 1, 2010


So today I had no idea what to write about, so I statused my facebook asking for help and I got one idea. Apparently no one actually reads my blogs so I don't know why I continue to write them, but it is my goal to do this for an entire year every day and that is what I will do. My friend suggested over coming barriers so here goes.

A story about life
Its simplicities
Its complications
When I hit a wall
I don't always see the door
Often fighting to go around
Looking for the easy path
Knowing not where to look
There's a door waiting to be opened
But my eyes see through it
Until I cry out
Angry and defeated
Then I see the door
Waiting patiently
Almost as if to say
"Why do you overlook me?"
My answer goes unsaid
My hand reaches out
The doorknob shiny and cold
Left untouched for too long
As I close the door behind me
The road ahead is none the straighter
Knowing soon
I'll find a new obstacle
Waiting for me to pass
Knowing I am strong enough
To keep on walking
No matter where life takes me