Monday, November 1, 2010

Whom Shall I fear

I love to run away
Away from all my problems
Away from all my fears
But not today
Its a new day
Today I stand and fight
No longer will I run
I'll face my fears
Face my problems
Look them straight in the eye
Tell them I'm not running
I've got my sword and shield
I'm gonna fight with all I have
Today I have put on the full armor of God
And I am unafraid of anything
With God whom shall I fear

Secret Inside

I can't begin to tell you
Just how much it hurts
Every day that I keep
This secret thats inside
Its like a time bomb
Waiting to ignite
Just that one button
All will be over
I'll explode from the inside
I'll never be the same
So please don't let me
Hold this secret inside any more