Thursday, August 19, 2010

Demon or Holy Spirit

Tonights poem is brought to you by the Holy Spirit!

Deep inside

A demon lies
He waits to attack
When I am at my weakest
He sneers at me
He mocks my love
He tells me that I'm no good
But he is not alone
For in fact
A shining light
Pushes him far below
The shining light
Is the Holy Spirit
Who guides my steps
And protects my soul
He tells me that he loves me
And I was made in His image
I am God's son
I have nothing to fear

To You oh Lord

Today has been another great day. God has been teaching me constantly. I know that even though I have little patience with other drivers and I'm quick to anger, God is teaching me to be less of these things. I also learned about God's covenants. There were a few and I've learned some new ones that I didn't know about, which was kind of cool. Being back in Brownsville has been great so far, I'm hoping things still go well over the next few days. My knee needs a break from all the running around I've been doing. So all this rambling and really no topic for a poem, how sad.

To You oh Lord
I run with joy
To You oh Lord
My heart is racing
To You oh Lord
My soul belongs
To You oh Lord
I will sing my praises
You have taught me much
You have given me life
You Lord
Have raised me up
Brought me from death
To Life eternal
To You oh Lord
I owe my life