Thursday, July 29, 2010

In Faith

"Overflowing with the Spirit my heart wept for the love I don't deserve. God is merciful and forgiving. He is so filled with compassion." This is what I wrote before I wrote the following poem. I however don't really remember when I wrote it. I do know that on Friday night I had wept and it was because of the overflowing love I had felt from God. So without further ado my poem of faith.

Do not fear my child
For I hold you in my hands
Know that I love you
Trust in me
Whenever you fall
I will always catch you
So put your faith in me
Not one hair will touch the ground
I will cradle you like a baby
Know that I love you
My Spirit flows in you
Spread my love to everyone
They will know that you love them
And that I loved them first