Friday, August 13, 2010

Tree Farm

Today was a great day. I got to spend time with my cousins. We beat each other up on the trampoline, than we played halo together for a while. My sister was having dental work so me and my older cousin babysat as well. We learn that Evey loves Lady Gaga and she will boogey away to it. But honestly that wasn't what made it great. What made it great was how God always brings things in your life together. For the last month I had been doing a devotional about how God has planted man like a tree by the stream so that it could grow strong and dig its roots deep. The whole devotional talked about how a man was supposed to be like a tree. Tonight my best friend and I went for a drive and he took me out to a tree far he works at. And it's amazing how God just connects things in your life like that. And we also saw a fawn down at the tree farm and its just been an amazing night filled with God. So I've decided to write a poem tonight about trees and being like one and whatever else decides to flow.

On some days
I am like a tree
Strong and tall
On others I am
A brittle branch
Waiting to be pruned
I know that
God is life
He is the stream
By which I am planted
God is the farmer
Who cuts off
The dead branches
Keeping me
Nourished and healthy
For I am His tree
He planted me for a purpose
He would not let me welter
He will keep me strong
For times of trouble
My roots
They've buried deep
My branches
Reach high
I am like an evergreen
Surviving through the worst
Growing all the time
God is my farmer
I am his tree