Sunday, July 11, 2010


So today my pastor picked me up and we headed out to West Brownsville. The reason I write this is because it was a long ride, and it was a fun ride. Now I'm thinking back to when I was younger and life was simpler. My aunt and uncle used to come up from Virginia every summer and take me my sister and their two kids to different places. We've gone to DC, and Ohio, and a few other places. The best parts were often the rides there. Hours in a car in groups of two in the car. Adults up from the girls in the middle and the boys in the back. We'd play road games, or our gameboys. We laugh and tell jokes and have a good time. One year my cousin and I tried to freeze our legs with the air conditioning so that when we jumped out for the beach we'd not be super hot. Anyhow tonight I am going to try and write about drives.

Big black Suburban
Long endless highways
The world often flashing by
Trips not soon forgotten
Places not seen enough
Wonders waiting to be learned
Fun to be had
Childhood to be lived
The magic of drives
Weather they were far
Or they were near
There was always fun
I'll never forget
Even the trips where we got lost
No not even then
Life was easy when we drove
Life was fun