Thursday, August 5, 2010

From Words to Poetry

Struggling tonight to write just about anything.

Everything is falling through
I can't believe that my mind is blank
Summer is ending what do I got to show
School is warming up, getting ready to start up
Heading back real soon and I ain't even sure I'm ready
Its a brand new ball game, I better not strike out
This is all I got left
If I let myself down I ain't got no one to blame
Me myself and I that's all I really have
I got a family and friends that I depend on
But at the end of the night it all falls on me
What I do, and the choices I make
They don't make them for me
I can't blame them for my falls
Its up to me to show the world
I am ready for any obstacle they put in my face
No they can't keep me down.
No they won't push me around
This is my life, my game
I'll play it my way
And God'll guide my step, every day
God has got my back my front my all around
I'll step in faith through this world
Because the evil all around me falls apart
Just like a shredded paper heart

About Goodbyes

So tonight I got to see Toy Story 3 and it ends rather sadly, however this was not really my inspiration for the poem tonight. I actually wrote it before I did this part because it hit me hard and I let it flow. So often we don't want to say goodbye because it hurts us too much and we're too afraid to cry. I have learned to say goodbye a few times and it always ended in tears. I've recently lost a friend who once said I won't say goodbye because goodbye means gone forever and I refuse to let you out of my life. Now she won't even talk to me. I miss her now and again, but I told her last we talked that I'd give her all the space she needed and no matter what I still loved her. I guess maybe some times goodbyes are easier then so long for nows. So here is my goodbye.

It takes a lot to say goodbye
But it takes a heart to start to cry
Don't think about the future
Focus on the past
Life is always gonna have its goodbyes
Don't let tomorrow come early
Stay by my side tonight
Remember all the fun
Remember all we had
I'll never forget about you
Just promise to never forget me
You and I were meant to be
This I promise just wait and see
I won't say goodbye tonight
I'll just hold on tight
If I start to cry
Don't be afraid to hold me closer
I'll love you forever
Just don't let me go
Don't say goodbye tonight
Because those words hurt too much
Goodbye means forever
I won't let that happen
So farewell for now
Until we meet again