Monday, August 9, 2010

On Being Obedient

So today I had an interesting talk with my best friend about what he wants to do with his life. God doesn't always call us to do what we want to do, in fact He often calls us to do that which is furthest from our hearts. If we are obedient to Him He will bless us plentifully. Often this is easier said than done. However prayer and giving your life to God can begin to make this a simpler deal. So tonight I want to write about being a Son or daughter of God and what being obedient means.

Father not my will but Yours
Break down my walls
Teach me new boundaries
Father not what I want but You
Make my life a sacrifice to You
Let now my wants hold me back
Cleanse my heart Lord
Make it a pure heart
Not my will nut Yours
I am not here for me
Father I will serve You
All the days of my life
Teach me Your will
Strengthen me in that which I am weak
Use my lows for my highs
Father not my will but Yours
I will bow my knee before You
My King of Kings
I will do as You command
Lord above all else
Father not my will but Yours