Sunday, August 22, 2010

Follow the Leader

Hmmm, today, what shall I write about you. You and I had lots to think about and we had little else to do. I watched Dead Poets Society today it was great, I saw it once before but I wanted to rewatch it. It intrigued me so very much, and now that I'm older it made more sense and was a lot deeper to me. Robin Williams by far was a greater actor in the early to mid 90s when he did serious drama with his comical genius mixed in. A lot of his newer stuff just don't match up. But any way that was all I really did, beside take a lot of time to think and read. Today I've been trying to find answers to questions I don't have. People say that you can find all the answers in the bible, and I believe it, but if you don't know the questions you won't know the answer when you see it. So today was one of those day where I kept hoping to come across some scripture that jumped out and me and was like hey I'm the answer you are looking for, unfortunately this did not happen. However I did feel as though I had gotten to spend more much needed time with God than I had done most of the summer. And I had some crazy thoughts go through my head some sounded really good so I made them facebook statuses, and now I shall make them a poem and grow it into something extraordinary like every poem should be!

Gotta take a break from this life from time to time
Gotta let your mind be free
So God can take control
You can't afford to lose your soul
Not like this
You gotta give it up
To the one who gave it all away
Just so you can be saved
Don't waste life
Live it right
You've got so much potential
Why you throwing it away
Don't you know
God has got your back
Your life
He planned that out
Before the world began
He knows you inside and out
So why not let Him
Take control
Give it up to Him
Watch the transformation begin
God loves you
He will use you
You just gotta let Him
Be blessed my brothers and sisters in Christ
Follow the leader
Woah that ain't me
Jesus is your leader
I'm a follower
Just like you
We all stumble
We all fall
But God is there
Let Him pick you up
He'll carry you
Til your ready to walk again
And He'll stay by your side
Til He calls you home again
So why not take a chance
God won't let you down
I'm living proof
God can love anybody
You just gotta ask