Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Top Ten

I'm sorry this one is being done super late, its been a crazy day. However, I didn't forget. Today's verse is actually a bit of a long one so instead of typing it all I'm just gonna say go here -> Laws.

Alright now that you've read that, you know those are what any and all Christian religions call the Ten Commandments. I really can't think of much to say, because these verses are pretty straightforward. However we do know that it's impossible to keep all these commands, and God knew this before he even decreed them. So why did he even bother? Because God is a God of forgiveness and grace, and also because he wanted us to see that we can't be perfect enough to get back into heaven and we won't be able to experience what Adam and Eve once had. So, this means God must have had a plan to redeem us from being unable to keep his commands. And He did, that plan was the death of Jesus His son on the cross. Jesus was the only man to never sin, and never had to die, but he not only died, but he bore the sins of the whole world past, present, and future, this caused his father God to turn His face away. So I encourage you to please if you haven't already give your heart to God. Surrender to Jesus Christ. Without his intervention no one could be given a second chance to experience eternity with God.