Thursday, August 26, 2010

God's Guidance

I can't express the way I feel
This torment deep inside
I want to scream
And destroy things
I can't fight this frustration
Life just keeps pushing
I can't seem to stay in the clear
Always being pushed til the brink
Always being tested to a new extreme
Time and time again
I find myself on my face
Pleading God to take this all away
To take me from this pain
I know He hears me
I know he won't let me go too far
He only allows as much as I can handle
I just got to learn to handle
God I'm begging you
Lift me up
Carry me while I am down
God keep me from temptations
Ones so easy to slide into
God let your hand be with with
Guide me through the valley
Help me reach the summit once more

Only You

I am captured by your love
Only you can make me feel this way
Nothing can compare
When I talk with you
Late at night
I feel like I could never sleep
And keep hearing your voice
Til the day I am deceased
Your love keeps me surrounded
Happy and lively
None can place a finger on it
None can change my mood
Only you
Can melt my heart
And freeze my time
All at the same time
You keep me waiting
Til I see you again
My arms are aching
Til I can hold you again
Until that day
I'll keep my dreams
Focused on you
And our love growing stronger