Thursday, August 12, 2010


So I've been struggling with some thoughts lately and I've been listening to a bunch of old songs that used to mean the world to me and now they take me back to a lot of old memories. I some times wish I could have froze time in those moments when the answer never seemed easier. When I never felt happier. Now I just keep praying that some how I can go look forward and be able to know. Just what it is I'm really looking at. When those easy grateful times come around I'll know what to do instead of what I think I should do. Life is a series of choices some times you walk down the path and realize it may have been easy but man was it wrong. So that is where this poem comes from.

I've got a lot on my mind
I just want to take the time
To figure it all out
Just give me my space
Can't you see I'm suffocating
I don't know what to say
Just give me some time
My mind is full of commotion
I need to straighten it out
My heart is fighting my head
My head is telling me not to listen
But I don't know any more
Just give me some time
I promise I'll figure it out
I won't let you down
No I won't let you go
Just give me some time