Sunday, September 12, 2010

God Is Love

Look to the Heavens
See the glory of the Lord
Fall in love with the Maker
Who chose your every step
Lift your voices up
Speak love into this world
Raise up your arms
Worship the Lord
Show the world
Christ in you
Spread the love of God
Let every word
Bless someone
Let every song
Glorify the King
God is our Victor
God is our salvation
God is our love


We're worshiping
With songs of praise
We're singing the old songs again
We raise our hands
To the King above
Reaching up
Til our arms give out
God Almighty
Hear our voices
As we lift up this night
And give it to you
We pour out our hearts
Into every word we sing
Father hear and be glorified
Father we worship you