Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This Mask You Wear

So one night at Mahaffey I was thinking about how some of the kids going to camp, and putting on a Christian face for their parents, but not truly having God in them. SO I wrote about how we often have mask for certain occasions.

The masks you wear
You have one for each disguise
Out with your friends
Your mask is concealing
Your true feelings inside
At church you hide
Behind the mask of salvation
But you know you live a lie
You are hurting inside
But no one really knows the truth
You are screaming in agony
No one hears a sound
You feel alone
Surrounded by friends
They don't even know you
Stop hiding behind your mask
Let someone love you
Scars and all
He's waiting for you
To give Him your life
He knows all your pains
He loved you to His death
So break free from your mask
Be free in Him