Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Sacrifice

So tonight I was going to write about loving like a baby. I got to see and hold my niece today and it was like I was holding a little piece of heaven in my arms. Usually a baby looks at me and screams bloody murder. However lil Evey is the most relaxed baby I've ever met. I love her from the bottom of my heart like I've not love anything else before. But, no my poem is not going to be about loving like a baby. I also learn tonight that my pastor will be picking me up on Sunday to head to a camp for ten days. This is a sacrifice that I feel God is calling me to make. Knowing my sister and my niece are in and knowing my aunt and uncle are supposed to be coming up next week, I chose to say that I am willing to stay all ten days. I need to learn from those before me that know so much more than I when it comes to fighting our dark sides, and trusting in God for everything. So tonight I want to write about sacrifices and God.

I am bowed before You
Lord I laid down my life
I will leave behind
All that I own
To follow you Jesus
I am your disciple
When You call I will answer
I cannot say no
To You who sacrificed so much for me
You died for me
So that I could live for You
I will take up my own cross
To follow in your path
I will laid down my life
To give You the glory
And I will live to call You Father