Sunday, July 4, 2010

Great Admirer

So tonight I spilled my guts about my family and more importantly my grandfather to a friend. I rarely talk about my past or my family life at all, and I think its because all this time I hadn't been appreciative enough of what they've done for me. So tonight being the fourth of July and traditionally my huge family would be out around a fire right now setting off fireworks, but over the last three years life has changed drastically. July 18th 2008 my grandfather passed away, changing everything I knew about life. I was angry at first, he was supposed to be there to help me through my first year of college, but he had held on long enough.

I can't be with you any more
I've taught you everything I know
It's time to embark
On your own journey
Life is just beginning for you
Mine however is ending
I know you may be angry
One day though
You'll understand
I'll always be with you
My legacy is yours to continue
I know you'll do me proud
Don't let the mistakes of the past
Hold you back from all your dreams
Make me proud
I know you will
I love you kid
I'll see you soon