Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tonight We Will Dream

We will dream tonight
Of all the pretty lights
The ones we see
On the television screen
They look so bright
But they have no color
Our dreams in black and white
Show the shades of gray
But hide the truth
Those lights cover up
All the sin and destruction
Going on in the city
We can't see
What those shades of gray keep covered
But we dream nonetheless
Of our lives
Surrounded by those lights
They look so happy
Everything looks perfect
Tonight we'll dream
Of the shades of gray
Dimming out our sins
Making our lives
Look better than they are
Tonight we will dream

Under This Old Tree

Under this old tree
I dream of a day
When the world is right
Under this old tree
I see Jesus descending
Reclaiming what is His
Under this old tree
I hear a melodious chorus
Sing praises to our King
Under this old tree
God has given me visions
Hope for the future
Under this old tree
I see children free and safe
Running and laughing
Under this old tree
I sing of glory
Praises to my Savior
Under this old tree
I pray to God above
That his kingdom would return
Under this old tree
I know that I am saved
I know Jesus died for me
Under this old tree
His blood was poured
For all the world to see
On this old tree
Jesus hung for our sins
And gave us eternal life
On this old tree
I follow after Christ
Crucifying my flesh daily