Sunday, August 1, 2010

Paved or Rugged

Look at the path you follow the most what does it look like? Often times we take the path that's been beaten before us but some times we decided to take the path less traveled to quote Robert Frost. Today I celebrated a my aunt's 50th birthday. I kept saying I can't afford to get old I'm going to work with kids most of my life. Then I was driving aimlessly around with my best friend and we were talking about God and evolution and things that are in the schools and not in the schools because of how this world is disintegrating and I just think that so often we follow the path of those that came before us instead of making our own. So tonight I wanna write about taking a different path.

I've been here before
The fork in the road
I look and see
Briers and thickets on one path
On the other a well paved road
That road worn before me
By many whom taught me well
But now I am on my own
So what path should I take
Be your own person is what I was told
Make your own choices
But does that mean I can't follow you
No but don't make the same mistakes
So here I am
At the fork in the road
The scarier one to my right
The paved to my left
I take my step of faith
God will protect me
As I walk through the briers
And stand on the thorns
This is my life
I'll choose my own path
God is with me always
I have nothing to fear
I can make my own path
And when I look back
I'll know it was best