Monday, June 13, 2011


This weekend I went along with Pastor Bryan to a retreat in Jumonville. The retreat was basically for pastors to get together and learn new things about the way ministry is changing, and how they need to find new way to be evangelical and less pulpit stationed. A lot of the pastors that were there are beginning to realize that old ways of ministry aren't working like they used to. I think its awesome to see that pastors are still willing to learn whats new and whats a better way to reach people. I learned a bit from them and I am blessed that I was able to go. We're learning that the whole mega church idea is not biblically correct. In America we want quantity and we often let quality slack. With slacking quality comes diminishing quantity. So we need to find ways to may church less boring and ways to reach out more to the lost people. Its time to step back from the pulpit and step out into the streets. We need to meet the people where they are, and not worry so much about getting them into the building that we call the church, but we need to focus on getting them to the community of believers that we call the church. Helping the lost people to find Jesus is more important then helping them find a place to go every Sunday. So I'm excited to see the newest move of the church. Its time to think missional and its time to get out there and reach the people where they are. And that's exactly what I see happening with this retreat and with my own church.

I might start using my blog more often again and maybe start using it as an outreach. Maybe its time for me to step up and let God use me for His purpose. Because, see, when we are saved and we become believers in Christ we are all called to ministry. You don't have to go to seminary and get a degree, you need the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Reach out to your lost friends. Invite them to do stuff with you that may invoke biblical questioning or just spiritual talk in general. And most importantly remember you never have to push the subject. Let it flow naturally and remember to pray. God honors your prayers and your doing His works. So God bless. I love you all.