Friday, July 9, 2010

Snowy Dreams

So today we had a nasty storm that knocked out our power for a few hours. It took me back to earlier times when that used to happen. Usually it happened at night and during the winter so you had nothing better to do but go to bed. However I remember one time our power was out for three or four days, that was crazy. I had nothing better to do then go outside everyday and play in the snow, because inside smelled like kerosene heaters and lamps. So in light of the fact that its summer time, and we are just getting past a heat wave I am going to write a poem about winter and snow storms.

Early morning coldness
Settles around the house
Waking up to a cold bedroom
I don't want to get up
Can't I hide under the blankets
It's to cold for school
Look outside
It's a blurry white sheet
Turn on the t.v.
No school today
Jump for joy
Then back to bed
In a couple hours
We'll be outside
Making snowmen
Fighting snow monsters
How I loved those cold snowy days
At the end of the day
A hot bath was waiting
And a warm cup of Cocoa
With a few cookies on the side
Hope to do it again tomorrow