Monday, August 30, 2010

God In You

A conversation
A story told between two
Don't follow where I go
For my path is not straight
Follow the path of light
I am not where I need to be
But don't you love me
Don't you want me
To be with you always
Don't lead me astray
Can't you see
I'm fighting these demons inside
Don't let me bring you down
But with the help of Christ
You can win this battle
For He has already been victorious
I've tried can't you see
I still can't measure up
Though that doesn't matter
Jesus will meet you where you are
He will stoop to pick you up
Don't walk in the shadows any more
I don't know if I can do it
I'm a sinful human
God can't want that from me
God wants perfection
Only through Jesus can we
Reach that perfection
Follow Jesus
Die to flesh
Crucify your daily sins
Become a body for Christ
He will guide you
Only if you let Him
Only if you ask Him
God I know you can heal me
Send Your Spirit upon me
Guide me on the path of light
God I want You in my life