Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Childhood Memories

So tonight I was playing outside with my younger cousins and on my way back to my house I thought of an idea for another poem tonight. I had however ask for ideas but no one answered, so I'm going with mine. In another two months I'm going to begin my junior year of college, and its crazy how fast time has flown by. I remember when all day I would be outside playing by myself in no hurry to grow up or do anything else. So here is a nostalgic poem of childhood.

Times were different being young
All the hours outside
Creating scenarios
Starting new wars
Winning all the races
Bringing home the gold
Imagining new worlds
Creating new games
When it was time to come in
Legos, k'nects and playdoh where there
Opening brand new doors
Writing all new stories
Car derbies and army battles
Constructing tents of pillows, bed and blankets
Fighting monsters in the closet
When its bath time
The stings of cuts and scraps
Off to bed
To dream up new ideas for tomorrow