Sunday, August 8, 2010

On Facing Demons

So today was actually kind of a boring day. I finally was able to go out and drive through a city and on the highway by myself with out my family breathing down my back. Yeah I know I'm 20 why are my parents still like that. Well it only took two years of actually having my license to be able to drive without someone trying to tell me what to do. Plus its my car so all the better to be free in. But other than that nothing really happened today. So I really have no idea what to write about. Well hopefully that little bit of youtubing helps we'll see.

Can't fight these demons any more
They've reached deep inside
They've taken hold of my heart
Can't you see this pain in my eyes
Where are you now
I need you so bad
I can't find you though
You said you'd be there always
Won't you take these demons away
I'm hurting in the worst way
Father I'm crying out to you
I'm breaking my chains for you
My heart is in pieces
Please mend them
Make me new
I am your creation
Don't let these demons destroy me
The agony is overwhelming
Your love is overpowering
Please shine your light
Bright into my heart
Scare these demons away
And take your place
In my heart