Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On My Knees

Slammed to my knees again
I can't get up
This weight that I bear
Its digging me a grave
I can't fight it alone
So I'll cry out for help
God I'm down again
I hope you can hear me
Please take away this weight
Blow away my sins
I can't stand to see
This person who
Falls into temptation
Father hear my pleas
Let me free
Break these chains tonight
For one last time

Love in the Rain

Its raining outside
Don't make me go out
I dread being wet
But to dance in the rain
Hold on to the one you love
Kiss them softly
Tell them you love them
Don't you want that
What do you have to dread
My love is not out there
My love does not like the rain
How do you know
Have you ever ask
Of course not
Who actually likes the rain
Go away bug me not about the rain
Well I think you should do it
I bet you'll learn something
Take my hand
Lets go dancing in the rain
You and I together
I'll hold you close
Keep you as dry as I can
I'll whisper I love you
As much as I can
Come dance with me
We can love in the rain

Will You Marry Me

Singing just to hear the words
Songs I've created
Just for you
A lullaby in my head
As we dance the night away
Hands in hands
In circles we sway
To a simple song
Written about love
Leaning on my shoulder
I feel you relax
I love you I whisper
Will you marry me